Unholy, Dead, Haunting Spirits in Deadly World

Every Time we beckon, we predict. They do appear as if they are here and now. Spirits are violent and historic; we live by and through them. For thousand years we are teaching peace and love but they’d be called upon and all these fantastic Spirit theories vanish. Among souls Spirit of Marx is great that is haunting our own lives. Haunting is historic says Derrida. We are being haunted and we are condemned to live through and in them. Every time when humankind faces problems they would be beckoned; Spirits, are you there Hegel states, reason is soul when its certainty of being all reality was raised to reality, and it is aware of itself as its own planet, and of the world as itself.

The coming-to-be of soul was indicated in the immediately preceding movement where the object of consciousness, the pure category, rose to be the notion of Reason.  It is this very soul -motive that has been resurrected by him as universal soul inhabiting nations. This soul was criticized by Marx; he studied those spirits -the industrialists of art and philosophy who till then had dwelt on the manipulation of the complete spirit. So haunting is historic in most extreme haunted houses in Ohio; a spirit-spectre has been invoked and it haunted the people. We are mortals only soul is immortal, it is all right to haunt us and make us immortal. We believe in spirits, previously, we live present through past.

Spirits are in us, in our Morality, our culture our lifestyle. We do not see them just we feel them. Derrida says, specter is getting – body a specific type of spirit. We have learned it from our ancestors that are why we find soul worshipers everywhere. Many traditional Indian Baniyas invoke the spirits of the fathers and fore fathers in their homes and stores.

What exactly they do with invoking the deceased fathers they are invoking their souls reason that understood the craft of haunting exploiting people. We never allow our fathers die; we are habitual so we make offerings to them. We are haunted by ghosts from birth to death; one soul exits then one passes, then one exist and another enters -that goes on and on. Why they never leave us since we have got memories; we cannot eliminate memories and history it is also memory.

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